Friday, 27 January 2017

Sephora Make Up Shampoo

I just can't live without my makeup sponges anymore, makeup just doesn't go on right without them for me but I also hate cleaning them. This is why I have two, I did have three but one had seen better days. I'm always looking for ways to clean them quickly but properly. I had a cleaner that I had started to like but unfortunately I left that in Ireland and can't get it here. 

Now since I'm in Canada where they have sephora I headed there to see what I could find. I used this last year too but for my brushes and didn't want to get a separate cleaner this time, so I thought I'd give it ago and see how well it works for my sponges. The shampoo costs $10 and is a small bottle but I only needed a tiny bit so I think it will last a little while. 

I ran the sponge under the warm water and then put a bit of the shampoo into my hand and rib it into the sponge. As soon as I ran it under the water again and squeezed out the remaining shampoo I could see all the foundation running out with it leaving a really nice and clean sponge behind. I've used some other shampoos and solid cleaners and sometimes the sponge is still a little stained but this really brought it back up. I am quiet impressed with the results to be honest. I knew it would clean them but it really cleaned them and didn't cost that much.

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  1. I always struggle while cleaning my sponges, thank you for the post :))