Saturday, 27 July 2013

It Works Body Wraps

I recently decided to try out a body wrap as I keep hearing about and seeing them everywhere. My sister has used them and got very good results, so I asked her to order me one too. The wraps that I got are called "It Works" wraps which seems to be everywhere right now.
First there is a do and don't do list. Like drinking about 2 liters of water while the wrap is on and only to leave it on for 45 minutes the first time you use them. You can also only use one every 72 hours and one at a time. Another thing they tell you to do is measure the areas and take before and after photos, which I did.

I wasn't sure what to expect but wasn't exactly expecting a lot since it's only a wrap not a miracle haha. Anyway why I have been curious is because I've been working hard to lose weight lately and have joined slimming world. I'm working towards my first stone and have noticed the weight slowly dropping but like most people I have a problem area that always seems to be the last place to lose weight. For me this area is my hips and lower tummy. I was hoping that the wrap would help to tone and maybe lose and inch or a half and try catch up with the rest of me.

First you have to open the packed and unfold the wrap that is covered in a lotion. I applied the wrap and kept it in place with clingfilm haha yes it sounds weird but it's in the instructions. Next was to wait the 45 minutes while drinking 2 litres of water. I think I drank about 2 1/2 or 3 and them felt really sick. Moving around in the wrap is not to hard but is a strange feeling. It's also referred to as a penguin shuffle. After the 45 minutes I took off the clingfilm and warp and rubbed all the lotion into my skin. Straight away I noticed how nice my skin felt and looked. It's usually very dry and reacts to everything but it looked really good. I remeasured my self and was shocked to see that I had lost one inch from around my waist, two inches on my lower tummy/hip area and was the same on around my belly button. Some people have said they noticed the difference the next day so I measured again the next day and found that I had lost another half inch on my waist, inch on my hips and a half an inch around my belly button area. It does say that it can take up to 72 hours to see the best results, I am not that patient to wait that long and remeasure haha. My skin actually looks and feels firmer.

I have to say at first I didn't really have much hope in these wraps but after using it I really do see why they are so popular right now. I really liked this product and defiantly intend to use it again soon to help tone up in this area.

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