Sunday, 18 December 2016

Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is really creeping up fast this year, before we know it will be the new year and we will all be back to making resolutions and trying to stick to them. 

I've been doing alot of Christmas baking and had a stall at a local christmas fair recently too. My stall was full of cupcakes all Christmas themed in minis and normal sized cupcakes.

I ended up staying up all night to get it all baked and decorated but was worth it in the end. Plus my favourite time to bake is usually 3 or 4am. 

It went pretty well actually and I had lots of fun doing it. 

We put the Christmas tree up this week too and I'm so fussy about. I have to put them all on in a certain order and colour so that they have an even amount throughout. I even pack them that way then I put it all away the year before to make it easier for myself the next year. I'm pretty sure other people do that too right??. My sister helped me do it this year and we had great fun even though I'm pretty sure the sitting room will always have glitter in it now and so will everything I wore while doing it. 

The other years we had two trees in the house but this year we just have the one in the sitting room so there is a lot more decorations then we need. The theme we go with is red and gold. Red because it's a Christmas colour and gold because it goes with the style of the room.

When I was saying that I have a certain way to put them all on I wasn't joking first I put on all the baubles, red first then gold glitter ones, then plain gold, then red then the mixed colours all in size, after that we move onto the glitter handpicked decorations like the shoes, bags, ballerinas, dresses ( can you tell I come from a family of mostly girls haha) and after that it's the "good" ornaments the ones given as gifts or collected while traveling or bought for a special reason. 

Then it's time for the angel on top which usually consists of an argument as the youngest of my sisters insists its her turn every year.. for 22 years. We also have a little tradition with putting robins in the tree because way before the elf on the self we had robins in our house and my Grandparents that was the little birdy that told on us if we were bold. It worked wonders especially in my Grannys I'd be afraid to do anything bold incase they told on me, it's nice to keep it going though I love traditions like that. 

Now that that's all explained I can tell you about the best advent calendar I found. It's a Tea advent calendar. I don't know if you're all aware but I love tea all tea just obsessed so I love this. It has 12 different teas so two of each for 24 days and Christmas themed too. It's by the English Tea shop and I got it in Tkmaxx for 8 or 9 euro. 

This year we will be having family visiting form England for Christmas and my niece will be celebrating her 1st Christmas since arriving a month ago so it's going to be a really exciting time. The turkey has been ordered and it's the biggest that the butchers sell and will hopefully fit in our oven as we seem to be feeding an army on Christmas day and I can't wait. I love getting dinner ready on Christmas day it's one of the best traditions we have as a family all working together to get it on the table and prepared since the day before.  

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