Monday, 18 February 2013

Getting Ready To Travel

My New Bag 

I love this bag and can't wait to use it. This has wheels and a handle to pull along or it has a zipped section on the back that contains two strapes to use it as a backpack. It also has loads of pockets, I love that about bags. I bought one just like this for my sister for Christmas knowing she would use it on our trip to Australia. I got her a beige and purple one with the same design as this one. she loved it and I liked it so much I got myself one. Kind of wanted to kick myself for not getting one at the same time as it was more expensive when I went to buy it. But I still love it and it will be very handy for going travelling for acouple of weeks in Australia.

My Travel Essentials

Book ~ One fifth avenue By Candace Bushnell
Black Organisher 
Travel Pillow ~ Penny's
Toothbrush ~ Boots
Make up remover wipes ~ Penny's
Lip balm ~ Marks and Spencers
Toothpaste ~ Boots
Mouthwash ~ Boots
Sudocrem ~ Not sure
Deodorant ~ Boots
Dry shampoo ~ Boots

I got the book ages ago but never got around to reading it which is strange because I usualy love her books. Anyway what a better excuse to finaly get around to reading a book then being stuck on a plain for about 22 hours. I'm not a very good flyer so it will keep me occupied. My organiser has all my flight, travel, accomadaiton and insurance details it also contains all my contact details just incase I was to lose anything or need to contact anybody. I like to be organised just incase. I love that travel pillow and am not going to lie but I did use it once or twice while watching tv. I actualy could fall asleep with it even though it looks awkward and uncomfortable. I cant go anywhere without make up remover wipes and the best ones that I have found for my skin is the ones from Pennys, sometimes cheaper is better. I think I got everything else in Boots except the lip balm, I got that in Marks and Spencers a little while ago.

My Suitcase Essentials 

Microfibre towel 
Bathroom bag
Hair towel

Marks and Spencers Magnolia deoderant 
Guliet satin Care saving gel
Oral B 3D white toothpaste

Marks and Spencers Magnolia range is the nicest smell ever. I absolutly love the smell and have the perfume but have not got around to packing that yet. The oral b toothpaste actualy does whiten teeth I noticed a difference after a couple of weeks and now won't use anything else. Sudocrem goes everywhere with me, I find it great for acne and exzema both of which I suffer from. I find it great to calm irritated skin and help with breakouts. I have been using it since I was a baby and find it better then some of  the medicated creams that I have been given over the years for calming down irratated and inflamed skin.


Soltan Family pack sun creams and aftersun ~ Boots
Contains aftersun 200ml
Kids Factor 50 200ml
Factor 30 200ml
Factor 15 200ml

When i was shopping for all my my holiday stuff I was having a look at the suncreams and as my skin can be very sentitive I am limited to the brands that I can use. Thankfully one of the brands I ban use is boots soltan which is great as this whole pack of suncreams only cost about €18 and included aftersun. I usualy use factor 50 and often find that the kids creams suit my sensitive skin better so didn't really bother me about it containg kids factor 50. The factor 30 is ideal for my sister who does not burn as easily as I do. She also sees the sun alot more then I do aswell. Not sure if I will have any use for the factor 15 but it all came togethor and was cheaper this way. I'm sure it will be used here at some point over the summer this year.

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