Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NOTD and New Bag

The Nails

Nail polish I'm wearing is glo Baby Glo! from Penny's that I have had for about a year now I really like the colour but cant seem to find it anymore so am on the look out for a similer colour. The second colour is Essence colour and go 67 make it golden. It took two coats to get this much gold glitter on my nails. I think maybe 3 would be good but I don't usualy do 3 coats of any nail polish. I like how the colours look together. I usualy do this but with pink and gold but think the greeny kind of colour looks a little nicer. This is done on my left hand with my right which is usualy a little neater then this but I hurt it a few months ago and is still a little unsteady. My right hand is done a lot better then this but I broke a nail so wouldn't take a photo of it as one is much shorther then the rest. 

The Bag

I love everything about this bag It has two of my favourite colours at the moment which is Gold and Mint green. I used to have a bag very like to this but a bit bigger and in cream. I loved that bag but unfortunately my sister borrowed it for a night out and it didn't exactly come home in one piece ( it came home in two). I bought this bag in Penny's for €5, not sure if I like the bag or the price tag better! It's not very big which is usually what I look for in a bag. My purse is quite big and wont fit in it, but that's ok because I always have too much junk in big bags and would like to change to a smaller bag for a little while. It would be nice if I could look in my bag and find what I was looking for with out have to empty the contents of my bag on the nearest table or even the floor, which is becoming a bit of a habit and kind of embarrassing in some situations. When ever I see someone else in a shop or on the street doing that I always think Oh God is that how I look!! Basically I am just trying to look a little less crazy these days (not sure how well that's going so far)

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