Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I went to a ball


My sister is currently a contender to be the Dublin Rose and hopefully (fingers crossed) will get through to the Rose of Tralee. She was attending the Dublin Rose gala ball on Saturday with her Boyfriend ( her escort) and invited my other sister and myself along as-well. I was very worried about finding a dress as I have never been the same size on bottom or top and dresses never seem to fit well without being altered. Anyway I looked around and found a lovely dress in Jane Norman. It was bit tight on top but as I've recently joined slimming world I bought it anyway and hoped it would fit better by the time the ball came around. I was delighted that I did (thank god I would have cried). 


I was lucky to get my sister to make me lovely jewellery. She made me a ring made of Swarovski beads in mirrored clear and blue beads. I also got her to make me a necklace. I wanted something shinny but simple as my dress was very sparkly already on top. So she came up with a lovely sparkly necklace made of mirrored Swarovski beads. I love going bead shopping for new jewellery . It's actually very rare that i buy jewellery from shops for occasions but why would I when I can have one of a kind jewellery made just for me. 

To see more of the jewellery she makes click HERE

I kept my hair simple but putting it up in a big bun. I got the bun thing in penny's for I think €2 (not very sure was really cheap). Its so easy to put in and looks good with out a lot of effort.


Also I used Cocoa Brown tan for the first time for this ball. I was so happy with this tan. Best part is it only takes 1 hour. I put it on in the afternoon after shower, exfoliating and moisturizing and it turned out great for that night. I usually only use wash off tans as I have eczema that can be very bad at time and have used tan that has caused flareups before. But I felt really confident about using this as I heard only good things about it. I did have a slightly darker tan on the inside of my elbow but that wasn't that noticeable. Apart from that I was really happy what more could you want from a tan, turns out great, good on super sensitive skin, is fading evenly and only takes an hour. It also didn't smell like something gone off haha. Will defiantly be using this again.

Making the best of a broken ankle

My little sister has a broken ankle at the moment (not that it stopped her dancing) and has to wear a big boot on her leg. She wanted to dress it up for the ball so she put silver ribbons tied into bows on it and even had a picture done of her posing with it. I suppose she is making the most of a bad situation. It kind of reminds me of my cousin in Australia that broke her leg when we where visiting. She wanted to dress her boot up for Paddy's day so me and Ais went shopping and bought her green and orange ribbons. It turned out great. 

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