Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Doll white teeth whitening strips.

I received a 14 day pack of teeth whitening strips from Doll White recently which is so nice of them to send me and was so excited. These strips are mint flavoured and contain NO peroxide. I have noticed my teeth which have always been naturally white not so much lately. I drink a lot of tea and other things that don't exactly help so this was something that was on my mind to try out but with so many whitening products I couldn't figure out which to try so them sending me these was the perfect solution at just the right time. I thought the best way to do a review of these would be to keep a little diary sort of thing of my progress. So anyway here is my progress of my 14 day journey of whitening my teeth. 

Day one

After reading the instructions I decided to give them a go so I brushed my teeth dried them a bit, which feels weird then applied the strips to the top and bottom of my teeth. It's actually very simple I didn't have to move them around or adjust them or anything. They feel a little strange on and kept thinking they would fall off but it's ok they don't move even a little. I left them for 30 minutes and by that time I hardly knew they where there really. I peeled them off and cleaned any gel that was left off. That was it so simple I even noticed a slight difference not a huge one but a slight one. I have 13 more days to go so will keep a track of how I'm doing through the 14 days. The only thing I have against these so far is that I'm not a huge mint fan but that is just me and since they are not hugely minty I suppose I'll be grand maybe even get used to it lol.

Day six

Definitely seeing changes in my teeth. They are getting whiter every time I use the strips and I'm getting a bit better with the mint flavour (I'm really terrible you should see me around lemon flavoured things Yuck). I have used them everyday except for one as I wasn't feeling to well but apart from that it's going great so far. I usually put the strips on at night before bed because my teeth feel so nice and clean after that I don't want to eat anything lol.

Day 14

It been 14 days of using the teeth whitening strips and I've gotten so used to putting them on in the evenings that I think I'm going to miss them. Ok so after 14 days I can easily say that they made a huge difference, not only did I notice but I have had other people asking me if I was using something new like toothpaste or something. These strips are great and handy to use which is why I'm going to be buying a pack of these so I can keep going and get my teeth as white as possible. I have never used anything like this before or anything to whiten my teeth except for toothpaste so I was very intrigued by the strips.

You can check out their website Here which had tones of information on it and also has their shop where you can buy the strips. The 14 day pack is £19.99 which works out as less then £1.50 a day and they also come in packs of 28, 42 and 56.

Thanks for reading.
Neads xx


  1. great read,i am very interested in trying these out x

    1. Thanks for the comment Hollie :) ye I'm really impressed with them I didn't expect to see any difference so early in the 14 days but I did can't wait to order some more I'm now obsessed with getting them really white lol