Saturday, 18 July 2015

Six Things ... I've crossed of my bucket list

I love bucket lists and I'm constantly adding things to mine but I misplaced the original list I made years ago but now I have found it. Turns out it was in a notebook in the attic and when I read threw it I realised that without knowing it I've crossed off a good bit. There are some pretty random and funny things on there but here's Six things that I have done most recently that where on my list.


So far I have been there twice first in 2013 with my sister Ais and then 2014 to live, work and travel and seen a good chunk of the east coast and NSW.


2014 Sydney to Cairns - Cairns to Sydney.


2014 I got a tattoo on my foot and then got another.


I missed my Mams birthday when I went away so I sent flowers that day.


2013 and 2014 I volunteered refurbishing and repairing laptops for a charity in Dublin called Camara.


I lived in Australia for a while last year and hope to be adding to this list of country's in the future.

I have loads more to cross off and have crossed off loads already and will post updates of it all as I go from now on. Anyone got any more ideas to add to the list? leave me a comment if you do or if you have bucket list posts too, I love seeing what others have on theirs. 
Thanks for reading.

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