Thursday, 23 July 2015

New Make Up

What started out as a trip to Tesco to get some baking bits with my sister turned into all this. I don't know how I ended up in the make-up aisle or who let me but I did and found some nice little bits. All of this lovely stuff cost me €41.27 and I even had a Tesco card on me woop.

First of all I got this it's Maybelline's new SuperStay Better Skin flawless finish foundation which cost €13.79. I got the shade 005 Light Beige which is also SPF20 which is great as I don't tend to buy foundations without SPF in them for daytime wear. It does say for normal skin which I don't have, I have oily, dry skin but it's impossible to find anything to suit me anyway so I do just go for normal foundations and prep my skin well. I noticed on the bottle in small writing it says "Even skin tone instantly better looking skin in 3 weeks". I'll be paying attention so. 

It's actually a nice shade on and not dry once I used it with a damp sponge to apply it. I have to say it's a great match for my skin which is typical when I spent all of 2 second picking it out compared to 10 or 20 minutes on others that looked crap lol. It's not as full coverage as I would like it though I could still see some red patches through it and had to put on a bit more in those areas other then that it was grand. 

Next I got this little pot of powder which is Rimmel Match Perfection silky loose face powder 001 transparent for €9.99. I think I was going with a blue theme here. It's nice and light and I kept thinking why don't I ever use loose powder any more then I remembered when I made a mess of what I was doing. I should stick to pressed powder for this reason. But the powder itself is nice and gives a nice finish. If your as pale as myself you know how hard it can be getting a nice powder then putting it on to finish your make-up to look orange.

Not to exaggerate but this may be my 1 millionth Rimmel wake me up concealer. This is in 010 Ivory. I always re buy this it's fantastic under my eyes and all for only €5.99. I used to use the foundation aswell but find it a bit drying right now. I don't think its great anywhere else but the eyes but that fine I need a ticker one for spots anyway. 

I have not seen this before now so I had to get it and give it a try. It's L'Oreal Glam Bronze in shade 101 and it was only €10. It's a duo of bronzer and highlighter which seems to be a popular choice to put together right now. I't nice and compact and the bronzer has a nice shimmer to it but not too much and works well for contouring. The highlighter is my favourite though I think I like it better then any of the others I have right now. It's just a good match to my skin. It give a nice shimmer highlight but not too in your face if that makes sense. Basically its a nice subtle shade and there's nothing I don't like about it.

It even has a little brush and mirror underneath how cute is the little brush and the mirror is really handy for topping up when your out. 


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