Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bray Air show

Every year for the past few years I have gone to the bray air show with my little cousins and usually my sisters and Mam as well. This year we took the youngest too as he is only two but completely obsessed with trains and planes. The fact that we had to go on  a train sold it for him. 

I was so busy watching and pointing out the planes to the kids that I didn't even take many photos. It's a perfect spot for the air show though standing on the beach watching the planes in the sky over the water. Aerlingus, City jet and Ryanair all had planes at it as well. Other country's planes made an appearance on the day as well and although I missed this bit there was even a proposal using a banner from a plane. How exciting must that have been. 

After a while the kids got hungry so we walked up the beach towards where all the food vans where and there was a nice piece of grass beside them where we sat and had a picnic while having a great view of the planes. We had sambos with crisps and cookies I made the night before. We watched for a bit then headed up a bit further as the kids wanted to go on a few of the kids rides after the show. The queues for these where so long but they had a great time when they finally got to the top and even got a treat afterwards with a slushy (full of sugar but needed to keep them awake on the train home).

They had a ball and so did we its really a great day out and they make it very family friendly. A lot of people even brought there dogs alone which had the kids fascinated they kept pointing out the dogs they liked and which they thing my dad should get. I think we all agreed that the older brown Labrador was the nicest and the little dog in the hand knitted cardigan was just adorable. I read that there where about 90,000 people at it which sounds crazy but I would believe it sure we went to get some ice cream and they had none left which is how we ended up with slushy, it was all they had really.

If you live near bray I completely recommend you go next year just make sure you get a train early as the trains get so packed that no one can fit on past town sometimes. They had the trains organised a bit better for going home but getting there was crazy packed and as I get on really close to the other end we all got seats but even they where gone by the next few stops. 

Neads xx

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