Monday, 3 February 2014

Argan Oil Hair Mask

Argon Oil hydrating hair mask with Moroccan argon oil extract intense conditioning treatment.

Over the last year my hair has been in bad condition. This time last year my hair was bleached almost every month but then I went back to or at least tried to go back to my natural hair colour. My hair was really bad from the bleach so I thought  I should give it a break for a while which I did. In almost a year I have only dyed it 3 times. I also had a problem with my hair thinning out not from the colour because it has happened before but it got very thin compared to my usually so thick it's hard to control hair. I was left with a few thinned out patches but it's starting to come back now. I tried a lot of treatments and hair masks to bring it back to being shiny and help with the dry straw like condition it was in. This is my favourite, it smells a little odd and kind of reminds me of paint that kids use in playschool haha. Anyway I didn't let that put me off. The first time I used it I was impressed. I had only paid €1.50 for it and had bought it because I had gotten a shampoo like it and really liked it. 

The directions on it says that after shampooing hair, towel dry and apply from root to tip. It then says to leave it in for 7-10 mins then rinse it out and use argon oil conditioner for better results. What I have been doing is shampooing my hair with argon oil shampoo of the same make, applying this mask and leaving for about an hour then rinsing and using the argon oil conditioner. After towel drying it I apply argon oil through my hair and use an argon oil heat defense spray. All this products are of the same make and can be picked up in the Euro General Shop for about €1.50 each. 

The condition of my hair is great, it does need a trim badly but beside that its shinny and getting easier to manage. I can actually comb it and the comb doesn't break. It's so good for hair that tangles easily. I use this once a week and all the other products on a more regular basis.

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