Friday, 21 February 2014

Stuff I bought this week

I am supposed to be on a budget and in major saving mode but I sort of went a bit off it this week and bought a few things. In my defense the most expensive thing here that I bought was the pink runners that were a whole €8. Everything else was under €3.50. 

The eye shadow brush I got from H&M, It's called smokey eye shadow brush and is double ended. I got around to using it today and I really like it. it blends colours quite well and is very soft. I also bought the glittery nail polish in H&M as well but haven't used it yet but can't wait to I love glitter especially glittery nail polish. 

I also picked up a new mascara in Pennys. I got the NYC Big and Bold Volume mascara (the big yellow one). I have heard a lot of good things about this mascara and couldn't wait to get my hands on one but until today I couldn't find one. I now understand why others love it so much, my eyelashes look amazing! They are definitely big and have volume. Think I might pick up another one and put it away as I have a habit of losing mascara and eyeliner.

Again in Pennys I came across a lovely eye shadow palette and eye shadow brush which are part of the P.S Love... collection. The brush is double ended. I'm not a big fan of the brush I have very sensitive skin on my eyelids and found the brush a little rough, but it was only €1.50 so I didn't really expect that much from it. On the other hand I really love the eye shadow palette. It has a few glittery colours such as a shimmery navy  shade and a bronze which I love. I like all the shades in this palette and while trying it out found that they work very well together to create some nice looks.

I got the pink runners in Pennys as well but an very disappointed. I love these little runners that they have and have always bought a size 6 but when I got these home I tried them on and they where tiny! They may have been labeled a six but where more like a 5. I couldn't even get my whole foot into them. This will teach me to try them on in the shop from now on and at least my sister who is a size 5 is very happy with her new pink runners. 

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  1. Great buys, I love those shoes, despite them not being a good fit. Love the pink!

    Laura xxx