Sunday, 18 May 2014

My day at the Working Abroad Expo

All week I just kept thinking of having a nice lie in on at the weekend. That was until I heard about the working abroad expo that was taking place in CityWest. I decided to go along and find out about Visa's, working and insurance for traveling. So I got up nice and early and headed over. It's about an hours drive from me, I had planned on taking the train and luas but my Mam had decided that she wanted to go along and find out more ( shes a bit nervous of me going travelling) she took the car. 

When we arrived we paid out €10 entry fee and had a little look around to see what was there. 

I had so many questions about when I should apply for my visa , what sort of jobs I could get over there, how to set up a bank account or if I could before I left here. I had them all answered today which has put my Mams nerves to rest a little and my confusion. I talked to a man from the bank who told me that I could have it all set up before I leave and nominate a branch to collect my card from. I also talked to a woman about my visa and how long it will take ( not so long actually) and how much it is. Then I went to find someone about travel insurance. I like the sound of the VHI backpackers travel insurance and have arrange for them to contact me in July when I will pay and finalize my insurance. It covers a lot like  accidents and trips to the hospital (which me being so accident prone I really need), lost luggage, canceled trip and some sports too. I also talked to some others about jobs and other things like that.

My main plan is to save as much money as possible and to get my insurance and visa set up in the next month or so. I also got some information from Goforless about there visa packages which also include sim cards, tax numbers and lots more. I will probably go with them for that sort of thing so that its all done at once.

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