Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Lipstick, Make up Academy

So a little while ago I entered a competition on facebook for a lipstick from Makeup Academy and I won one of them. I have been waiting to try it out and finally got around to it. The lipstick is Makeup Academy's juicy lipstick shade 15. It's a nice coral colour and makes me think of the summer.

I do really love this colour but at first I wasn't sure it was for me. After a little while of wearing it I got used to it and started to like it a little bit more. I think it is such a different colour then I would usually wear but I suppose that's a good thing as it I wouldn't have picked it myself but now that I have it and after wearing it I like it.

Also I just noticed that the end of the lipstick screws off and is like a little pot of lipstick. I can't believe I have never noticed this before now. I'm going to check all my other's to see if there the same.

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