Sunday, 27 April 2014

100 happy days challenge

On Friday I picked up a copy of the latest issue of Stellar Magazine. I really like this magazine and love their articles including this one about the 100 happy days challenge. On Saturday I sat down with a lovely cup of tea and began to read through the magazine. That one article stuck with me and I found myself thinking of what happy things I would photograph every day for the challenge.

Today I went back to the magazine and reread it and then looked up the website aswell and searching the hashtag #100happydays on twitter and Instagram to see what others photographed. I loved what I found so decided to sign up straight away. I'm taking part on Instagram and can't wait to see what I find to photograph everyday. If I have counted it right it should end on the 5th of August which is actually my dogs 16th Birthday.

Since this magazine article is the reason I'm taking part I thought it should be my day 1 photo. 

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  1. Sounds great. So how do I join the challenge? Do I just post a pic to Insta everyday under the hashtag #100happydays or ?? I'm now following you on GFC. I'd really appreciate it if you follow me back xoxo

  2. Hey thanks for following and of course I will follow you back :)
    This is the website where I signed up its very easy and explains the whole thing there. so far I've gotten 6 days and hoping to get to 100 haha
    Thanks again for the follow and visiting my blog xxx :)