Sunday, 11 January 2015

Models prefer. Party Glam shadows palette review.

I bought this eye shadow palette in Priceline while I was in Sydney. It looked good and was only $10. I thought the shades looked like good quality and I was right, I'm actually really impressed with this if not a little obsessed to be honest. I think its the fact that it was only ten dollars that had me shocked. I'm not saying I was expecting to be let down as I've come across great bargain price products that have really impressed me, I just didn't expect it to be this good lol.

I had bought a couple of things from this brand before but hadn't used them all that much which then got me round to trying them and the same thing happened I loved them. It came with a double ended brush aswell and the blending brush end is fantastic its so soft and does a good job of blending.
The shades in this palette are gorgeous and I have tried them all several time and trying them with each other to find some nice ways of wearing them together. But I do have some favourites which are princess, tease and highheels, which is basically the fourth, fifth and sixth in from the left. 

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