Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Recent Baking

At the start of the month was my youngest sisters 21st. I was in charge of the cake making. I knew I had to do something different for this one so I went with black icing and neon colours. The best part was the inside. I wanted it to look great when it was cut open. This is why I went with multicoloured cake and cut a hole in the middle and filled it with smarties. I also iced it in chocolate fudge before putting the sugarpaste on. The cake didn't last very long with everyone at the party, which I take as a complement. 

This is the second cake I made which was for my Aunty's 40th Birthday last weekend. I wanted to do something different but girly at the same time. I have been dying to give a sprinkles cake a go for so long. I was afraid that it might go all wrong but in the end it turned out great and I found it really fun to make. I did however get sprinkles everywhere in the kitchen including under the dryer and even found some in my hair later on lol. It seems to be like glitter it gets everywhere. I bought the big bag of sprinkles in Decobake on Bachelors Walk a couple of weeks ago thinking I would need it all but surprisingly I didn't actually need loads. I may have over estimated it aswell and bought a 1kg bag of sprinkles. I have since bought a jar to store them all in and I'm already working out ideas to use them up.

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