Thursday, 19 February 2015

What I bought in New Look

This outfit looks so 90's and I love it. I was in NewLook having a browse around and I saw this skirt which I have seen before in a different colour and regretted not buying it. Its high wasted and sort of like a soft tweed. The high waist part about it remind me of a school skirt but still its fantastic.

 I saw the top and instantly new it would go together. It's like a polo but not to big at the neck if that makes sense. I also think I had one just like it when I was little. Strange how these things come back in style.

 I then picked up the shoes. The shoes ended up being a bargain and the cheapest part of this outfit at only €7. I don't normally where black shoes I actually hate black shoes normally and don't think I've owned a pair in years. Apart from work/school shoes I would never willing buy a pair so this did surprise me that I went straight for them. I also haven't worn any heels in about a year since I hurt my calf and knee. I'm very accident prone and was a bit worried but when I did wear them out I brought flats and changed as soon as my leg start to hurt a bit.  I really don't need to spend a month on crutches this year lol. 

I wore this with black tights and a long necklace with a leaf design. I unfortunately didn't take any photo's of the outfit on which is typical me lol.

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