Thursday, 26 February 2015

Australis Primer Review

I picked this primer up in Priceline while I was in Australia and have been using it alot so thought I would do a little review of it.

What it says:

  • Prevents foundation fading
  • Smooths and refines skin texture
  • Locks in moisture
A specialized foundation primer that fills fine lines, preventing skin from absorbing foundation to extend we arability for longer lasting, flawless finish.

How to use:

Using fingertips, apply a layer of primer. Cover the face concentrating on the eye area and skin zones that are deeply lined or rough in texture. This will provide a smooth base for your foundation. Use primer prior to the application of foundation.

My thoughts:

The texture is different to other primers I have used. It feels more like a moisturiser. it does feel nice to apply and doesn't leave a sticky or thick feeling on the skin. It actually feels like having nothing on the skin which is nice. My skin feels so soft after applying this. I have worn this a lot and it definitely does make my foundation last longer as it says. When I first bought it my make up was almost melting off my face by the end of a hot day. I do suffer from oily and dry sensitive skin and for me this worked well for both. It's a 40ml tube and even after using it this last while it's still pretty full. You really only need a little of this as it spends quite well and leaves my skin soft and foundation goes on very well over this. 

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