Monday, 7 December 2015

Charcoal nose pore strips and eye gel patches

Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

I've used other nose pore strips before but these looked a little different than the other ones. This is probably because of the charcoal which makes them black. They work the same though with the same type directions which are wetting your nose and applying the strip, leave it for 10-15 minutes then gently peel it off. The results for me where good and removed a lot from the sides of my nose. They do leave a black mark around the outside of where the strip was but it comes off easily with water. I didn't see any difference in these charcoal strips then with the normal ones I've used before. I thought maybe they would draw more out or something but the result although good were the same as I usually get with other strips. They were only €1.50 so for that price I recommend giving them a go as they do work and there is 6 in the box so works out as only 25 cents per strip. I bought these in Mr. Price as well as the eye gel patches which were also €1.50

Eye gel patches

Was so hard to take a photo of them on they are so slippy!! 

These are something I've been dying to try for ages. They seem to be everywhere lately but that doesn't always mean they're good or they work. I've seen some online that are really expensive but sound exactly like these ones so I got these to try. They look and sound great but when I opened them the feel of them almost put me off, but I kept going and tried them anyway. Basically you put them on under your eyes on clean skin, leave them for a while and remove them. These ones are anti-aging and hydrating. It's the hydrating part I'm after, my eyes are so dry and puffy lately from the winter weather kicking in. The night I used them I was really tired and my eyes were so sore. I found these really cooling and strangely comfortable. I don't know what I was expecting they just seemed really strange at first until I put them on my face. My eyes were definitely less puffy after using these and they still looked like that the next morning. They suggest using them often which would be handy for tired eyes.

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