Monday, 4 January 2016

Going to Canada

Well 2016 is finally here and it's not long now until I'm off to Canada for a couple of years. The last two weeks have flown by and now I'm sorting out all the last bits like my insurance, ordering currency which I collect on Wednesday and sorting out which clothes I'm taking while having a clear out of what I'm not. I doubt I'll still wear them when I come back so I'm sorting out what to keep, what to take and what to give to the charity shop. I leave on Friday morning and arrive on Friday afternoon. This time I'm going back in time in a way as they are behind us which will be sort of the same as Australia except for behind not forward.

I had thought about going before but wanted to give Australia a go first then in February I looked back into it and in March decided to stay put and applied for the visa back in April when they opened and after 2 stages with filling out lots of forms and a two month wait I finally got my Point of entry letter at the end of June. So that was it I had one year to activate it. I hadn't made up my mind when I was going until later in the the year and in November I broke the news to my family and start making plans. It worked out a lot cheaper for me to book a return flight then a one way so I booked it and will change the date later.

Over the last weekend I had some leaving drinks with some family and family friends in the local pub and turned out to be a great night with the pub organising food for our group which was a lovely thing to do. My sister did my eye makeup for the night and it was amazing. I usually go with a very light and subtle eye but that's mainly because I'm a bit crap at it but since she was doing I told her to do what she wanted.

My suitcase is ready to be packed but can't really start that yet I have to much organising to do yet and some washing. I was trying to figure out whether to go with a backpack or a suitcase, I'm taking a suitcase because it easer to pack but a backpack is easier for travelling around.

I'm going to visit some family when I first get there, a lot I've never met before which is very exciting and I can't wait. Other then that my plan is to stay in the city at a backpackers hostel for a bit while looking for a job and a place to live. For the first couple of weeks though I want to be a proper tourist and see as much as I can. I love wandering around big cities finding things to see and do.