Friday, 1 April 2016

3 Months in Vancouver

It's hard to believe that this week marks the 3 months since I got on a plane in Dublin and moved to Canada, it has just flown by so far. There's so much that I've done and seen since I got here and a lot of nights out but here's a few things that I've really loved.

Stanley Park and the Totem Poles.

The parks huge and has a walkway the whole way around the outside which is quite a walk but worth doing especially if the sun is out.

The sea wall going into the park and a cannon in the park that faces the water and goes off at 9pm every night. 

Watching the sun setting at sunset beach in English Bay.


This is literally the perfect spot to watch the sun setting and the beach is full of big logs to sit on and enjoy the view. Below of the sunset walking towards English Bay.

Seeing the city at night. 

The views of the city at night are really something. As you walk along the water the buildings are all lit up as is science world, the stadium and even the trees in Yaletown.



Birthday in Vancouver.

My birthday was in February and I wasn't in canada all that long. I spent the day with Family at Granville Island and went out for a lovely dinner. Of course being my birthday it poured down, just like at home. I had a great day, the meal was gorgeous and I got a gorgeous surprise of present from my family here and cards from home. 

A rainy Granville island. 


The hostel that I was staying at had a whistler day trip that I decided to go on. We left early that morning stopping along the way at a few lookouts and waterfalls. 

When we got to whistler there was a few activities to choose from but I was definitely not brave enough to try the bungee jumping or anything like it so ended up going snow tubing. 

Snow tubing is so much fun I wasn't sure if I would even like it at first but after the first time down I couldn't wait to try the bigger lanes, the gondola up the mountain was the worst part or maybe going back down.

I loved seeing so much snow I have honestly never seen so much in my life and loved it even if i nearly fell over almost every minute.

Starting a new job and moving into a house. 

After a while it was time to get a job and a place to live. Within a couple of weeks I found a job and a place to live and moved in, until then I had been staying downtown but moved out a little so now I travel by skytrain everyday which is really handy for where I live and where I work. The most exciting part was unpacking and having drawers and a wardrobe to put everything in.

Paddy's Day.

Since I now have a job I spent my Paddy's day in work. I was lucky enough to have the morning off though so I went to the Blarney Stone pub in Gastown to meet Family for a gorgeous Irish breakfast before going to work. 

I released the day before that I didn't even own any green clothes so quickly ran into H&M on my way home to see f they had any green tops, lucky they did and I ended up getting a green jumper for $10. The breakfast was great with rashers, white and black pudding sausages and even some fried bread and scrambled eggs. I had a great morning and a sober Paddy's day but it was really good and different from anything I've done before and I even saw pitchers of green beer! That I've never seen before

Holi Festival.


Last Friday which happened to be good friday I went to a holi festivel. I didn't know much about t apart from throwing coloured powder at each other and who could have thought that would be so much fun.

I think I was mainly covered in red some even getting in my mouth yuck and got some strange looks from other bus passengers on the way home and on the skytrain. It took a while to wash it out of my hair and my white top is now pink but it was worth it.

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