Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

So my skin has been breaking out like crazy these last few weeks and I know it probably has to do with my skin routine. Before I moved I would always use facemasks and deep cleaning scrubs and cleaners but I've kind of fallen out of the habit, mainly because I didn't bring a lot of the stuff with me. I would have had to check in another bag literally. Anyway after getting sick if it I eventually made my way to Lush which is really close to my job so I don't know what took me so long, maybe avoiding the building with Sephora in it because we all know how dangerous that can be to our bank accounts. Anyway I picked up the Mask of Magnaminty which I think was about $15 and this one was made by Kate so thanks Kate.

It's a handmade mask for the face and the body made with peppermint, Kaolin and scrubby aduki beans that deeply cleanse the skin. It's a really popular mask and when I was buying it at the shop I was told I was lucky there was still one left as they usually sell out quickly.

I couldn't wait for my day off to relax and put on a mask and watch a movie which is exactly what I did. Dirty Dancing was the movie of choice and also a hot chocolate. I applied it with a foundation brush ... clean foundation brush which has never actually been near any foundation I like to use it for facemasks only. I left it on maybe a little longer than I should have! I got caught up in the movie and forgot the time. It didn't cause anything bad to happen or anything but was a bit harder to get off. My skin felt nice afterwards though and since I've been using it every few days and it's starting to really make a difference plus the smell is so nice I could almost eat it but don't worry I won't do that, I don't think it would help my skin.

So final thoughts on this are that I love it and completely understand the hype of it. It's not too expensive either and it's lasting pretty well. Also the tubs are recyclable and they are against animal testing so even better.

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