Sunday, 29 December 2013

Crafty Christmas Batman Apron

This is the apron that I made for my sister for Christmas. I was trying to think of something to get her that she would really like and could keep without it running out or breaking. She loves baking and batman so together a batman apron seemed perfect. I drew out the idea I had and looked for fabric that I wanted for it. For the top I used plain black cotton and for the band and skirt part I used a sequined fabric. I also used some tulle underneath to give it a more flared look. The photo is not great for showing details  but I made the bottom part more like a rara skirt.  Trying to keep it hidden and make it in secret is a bit tricky when you live in the same house. I would have to wait for her to leave for a while to get bits of it done at a time. 

Anyway it turned out just as I had hope even with my sewing machine not working very well at the moment. The only thing about it was it was very hard to find the fabric I was looking for and had to settle on a different one maybe people don't like sequined fabric anymore ?? haha. But it did give me a perfect opportunity to start sewing again. The most important part was that she loved it and that is all that matters. I'm also thinking of making myself one in pink.

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