Sunday, 1 December 2013


I have recently bought and started to use MUA products lately. I am always excited to find new make up brands that I haven't used before and also a little hesitant. I have been really impressed with these three that I bought a few weeks ago. I took a chance on one or two that i wasn't sure would work for me but was very happy with how they worked out. I am definitely a MUA fan now.

BB All in one Beauty Balm
Shade: Medium Rose

What it says
Primes,smooths and conceals
A multi-functional formula that works wonders to prime and protect whilst conceals to even out skin tine for a brighter, smoother complexion.

What I thought
I found that this BB cream does even out skin tone leaving a brighter smoother complexion. I does conceal but not as much as I would need. I think that most people would find it a lot better but I do have a lot of redness from acne and eczema which usually needs a little extra concealing. 
It's long lasting and light. My skin didn't feel clogged and it didn't look caked on. Which is good because nobody can pull of that look. My face didn't look shiny or dried out. 
At first I thought I had gotten the wrong shade for my skin as it looked very dark but when I applied it and blended it in it was a perfect match.
I would defiantly recommend this BB cream as an everyday wear foundation.

Lash Boom volume and length mascara

What it says
Give lashes instant boom with this super lengthening and volumising mascara.

What I thought
I bought this mascara as it says it will give lashes volume and length. I was also interested in using it as I thought the brush looked interesting.
I found it a bit clumpy at first but only compared to the previous mascara I had been using. I like the brush as I think it gave me a way to use it on small sections of my lashes, like the corner of my eye. I always make a mess and get mascara everywhere with other brushes.
It actually gave my lashes the length and volume I was looking for and it is all I have been using since I got it.

Matte lipstick
Shade: Scarlet Siren

There where two things that I was a little worried about before using this lipstick.
1. I had never used a matte lipstick before
2. I'm always afraid of looking like a clown when wearing red lipstick that I usually avoid it.

With this lipstick I should't have been worried. It went on easily, mess free and the matte finish looked great. It made me think that I had been a bit silly about avoiding shades like this before.
In the shop the shade looked a bit darker but I'm happy now that it wasn't as it would have made look a little to pale.
It lasts a good while. Fore example, I find that some lipsticks don't survive a cup of tea after applying, but I've tested this and it survived my tea test. 
I also think it may be my new favourite and I now love red lipstick.

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