Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New Make Up Box

Up until now I have been storing my makeup in decorative boxes on a self in my room but it's starting to get hard to find something when I need it and am always running out of space. I saw this box before but when I went to get it there was none left and they didn't know when they would get anymore. I had forgotten all about it and had gone to buy wallpaper when I came across it. I couldn't find a price but noticed that it was the only one around so took it with me until I found someone to price it. It cost just under €40 in B&Q and even came with keys top lock it. I do think it is deigned for tools but hey it works for make up to. The lock is probably my favourite part as I have sisters who sometimes like to help themselves to my things haha. 

As soon as I got home I start to take out all my make up and perfumes and organize it into my new box. All the compartments can be moved and re sized which was great for my brushes. I love how everything can be moved so that everything fits in it own space. I have had it almost a week now and I'm really enjoying having everything in one place and how nice and neat everything is now. 

It also gave me a great chance to have a clear out of things I had forgotten I had or didn't want anymore. I first thought that I would be able to fit all my nail polishes in there too but now I realize I was wrong. I might get a smaller one for nail stuff if I can find one.

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