Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas crafty

I decided to get a little crafty and make something a little festive so I made some Magic Reindeer Food. It's pretty easy to make and is made of thing you can get very easily or may all ready have. It has a little poem that goes with it that is sort of its instructions. Basically what it's for kids to sprinkle it on the grass on Christmas eve and the reindeer's smell it and find their house easier.

My younger sisters used to have great fun doing things like this on Christmas eve. I like to make mine out of things that are edible as its sprinkled on the grass and birds will probably eat it. I know it's early but last year I had been asked to make lots of them so thought I'd make some up early this year.  My sister had a stall at a craft fair today and brought some with her and sold a few of them. I'm thinking about putting some on ebay but have only bought of eBay and have no idea about selling on it. 

I am also planning on getting a bit more Christmas crafts going as I have a great idea for a Christmas present for someone but can't find what I want anywhere so I'm planning on getting my pattern drawing book back out again and dusting off my sewing machine. It's been awhile since I've sewn anything. I can't really go into details as I don't want any surprises ruined but I am very excited to get started. I'm planning on stopping by the fabric shop on my way home some day this week and hopefully getting everything I need. My older sister has even offered to let me borrow her workshop if I need to so I can keep it hidden. 

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