Sunday, 5 January 2014

My new charm bracelet

Charm bracelet and charms.

My little sister got me this lovely charm bracelet and gorgeous four leaf clover charm for Christmas this year. She even bought the new most adorable little glittery box for it.
I am so happy to get a charm bracelet as it is something I have wanted for a while as I have two lovely charms that I got from family in Australia for my 21st and after my Granny died a few years ago. I'm so picky that I couldn't pick one myself so this is perfect.

Adorable box.

Unfortunately when I opened it on Christmas day the bracelet was not in great shape and looked like it had been warn a lot already. My poor little sister had to bring it back and exchange it. Not surprising that the manager was shocked when she saw it and swapped it straight away. So now finally I can wear my sparkly shiny new bracelet.

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