Thursday, 30 January 2014

Waxing my legs at home. How I got on.

So I decided to be brave and give waxing my legs another go. I had said that I never would again after the horrible incident when I was 17 which resulted in having a patch of skin on one leg missing. Oh just thinking about it makes me shiver. The whole experience scared the life out of me. Thinking about it now I really shouldn't have tried it as my skin was very sensitive and dry and I had been suffering from an eczema flare up just before but I was determined.

 I don't know what I was so worried about this time because I now know a lot more about it then I did then. I had bought a wax pot a while ago but never really used it and it sort of fell over once and ruined the sitting room rug oopps. Anyway I took a trip over to Sally Salon Services and got myself a tub of Green Tea soft wax, spatulas, fabric strips and an after wax lotion which has tea tree in it. 

Although it turned out that I'm very messy with wax my legs have never been so soft and as for it hurting I could honestly barley feel it.  I made sure that I had exfoliated my skin before hand and that my skin was dry, I heated up the wax and tested it on my wrist first to check the temperature. I then applied a layer to my leg and applied the fabric strip. Next I rubbed the strip in the same direction that I applied the wax. Then the scary part came when it was time to pull it off. I pulled the skin down and quickly pulled of the wax strip making sure that I didn't pull it up in the air but more backwards on itself ( if that makes sense). Anyway I was expecting to be shocked and maybe even cry a little but nope I was just like oh that was alright actually haha. After finishing I used baby oil to remove some wax that had was still on my legs and the floor and then massaged the after waxing lotion into my legs. 

I really was expecting it to hurt a lot more, I think getting my eyebrows waxed hurts so much more then this did and the next day they where not at all sensitive or red. I really don't know what I was expecting to happen. I think I'm converted and I love the lotion so much I've been using it as a moisturizer on my legs ever since and they are so soft. 

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  1. Oh my! Your first waxing experience was horrible, indeed. It's such an upset for a woman to get damaged skin as a result of taking care of it. In any way, I’m glad that the incident didn't give you so much trauma, and that you are still open to give the procedure another try. Oh well, I'm glad that you are satisfied with the results and that the product you used is something to be trusted. Thanks for sharing that! Take care! :)

    Glenda Fisher @ Skin Zone