Sunday, 8 June 2014

Round up of my week

I'm currently doing six weeks of work experience which I am really enjoying and also delighted that all my exams are finished. I have now done two weeks and have only four more to go then I can start counting down the time until I go away. I am also saving for my trip so not going out all that much and trying not to spend money on things that I don't actually need. I'm already trying to minimise the stuff I already have as I can't take it all with me.

My sister was also on holidays in Spain and when she came back this week she brought me home this gorgeous watch. I don't usually wear watches but I have hardly taken this off I just love it. I am made about the little diamonds and rose gold with the white strap. The watch face itself with the Eiffel Tower is so nice. 

She also brought home these nail polishes. The last few times she was away she has brought home Yes Love nail polishes and we both love them. They are only about a Euro and the quality is quite good. The other nail polish is Easy Paris which I haven't heard of before but so far it seems good too. My sister has been wearing the coral Yes Love polish and is really happy with it the colour is great and it hasn't chipped or worn off so far. I can't wait to give these all ago but unfortunately they don't stay long while I'm doing my work experience in fact my nails are not in good condition the last two weeks. When I finish I need to get them back in shape. 

Also this week I have been making invitations for my parents 30th wedding anniversary party this summer. I offered to make them and to be honest turned out to be a bit of fun. I used one of their wedding photos and turned it black and white and put it on the left of the invite so that I could put the writing and details on the right. I have of course covered most of that as I don't think they would be very happy to put them details up for everyone to see haha. I then put a black border around the the outside and printed them as size 4x6. I did have one glitch when I couldn't get them to print properly the black ink kept coming out very strange, then I realised that I forgot to that off the little tab on the ink before I put it into the printer. All I could do was laugh seriously something that I would do. I cut out the invites out around the outside of the black border and placed them on top of another piece of card slightly bigger. We bought the card in the Art and Hobby Shop, they where €19.99 for 100 A4 cards which is great value as we where going to buy them individually and it would have worked out much more expensive. I have been doing a few every night when I'm home and only have a few more to do, then have to write them slick them in envelopes and post them. 

My Mam came home with this the other day. It included a chocolate mould that looks like little presents, a box for the chocolates and little bags and ribbons that are meant to be for the marshmallows that are inside. I can't wait to try the marshmallows because I love marshmallows they are my favourite food ever. I try not to eat so much of them any more because if I could they would be all I would eat. But how cute is the chocolate mould and box, its a great idea as a little gift instead of buying chocolates I always prefer home made the shop bought but maybe that's just me.

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