Sunday, 15 June 2014

Visa, Shopping and Baking.

So this I week had a few exciting moment like applying for my 1 year working holiday visa for Australia. I applied and paid on-line through a company as I was interested in a package they had, not so happy with the package now though as including bank account and tax file number sounds like they arrange things with you or for you not email you a pdf with some information about how to do it all yourself and why you should. Felt a bit ripped off to be fair definitely not work the extra  money. I filled in the application for the visa and dropped it in to town and the next day was told it was approved. That part at least was easy and quick. 

I also done a little shopping on ebay for things that I need for my trip. I will do a post on them all when they arrive. I also got a couple of bits in Penny's (Primark) and Euro General shop which I may like a little to much but I do keep finding great things there. 

I got another Osiris CC Cream because I have gone through yet another one but accidentally got it in tanned.  I did a review a while back that you can find here. I tried it a little and it's not that drastically dark or anything so maybe if we keep up with this nice weather it might be ok .I may also be a little to optimistic sometimes. 

I also picked up this Argan Oil Night Repair Serum. I'm not sure if this is any good I haven't used it yet or heard anything about it but I have used the shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, heat defence spray and hair oil and was a fan of all of them even felt nice on my skin so hopefully this will too. I have done a review of the Hair mask that you can find here. I will also do a post on it after I try it out. This night repair serum was only €1.50 and so was the CC Cream.

In Penny's I didn't buy anything overly exciting just some socks two 7 packs one black, one white for €3 each. Then toothbrushes which I'm sure will be fine as I usually get the same type for sensitive gums but these where 5 for €1 and I couldn't leave a good bargain.  I also got a new top its a blue knitted string top which I thought I might like for the summer it was also €3 and my sister bought one to.

I finished The Fault In Our Stars on Friday and it was so sad I don't want to give anything away so I'll keep it short but even though it devastatingly sad it's also one of the best thing I've read in a while so I highly recommend giving it a go if your looking for something to read. It's not a book I would usually read but I was so surprised at how I just couldn't put it down. I didn't know what to do with myself when I finished the last few pages. I am just not sure if my next book I read will be as good. 

On Saturday I made a cake for a 30th Birthday. It was chocolate biscuit with white SugarPaste  icing and decorated with Yellow, Purple and Pink sugar paste including three handmade roses. I like making this cake I was a asked to make it colourful with a white base. That is usually the cakes I love to make. 

On Sunday as it was Father's day we had a family meal of Roast turkey that my Dad marinated and I cooked with baby potatoes, roast potatoes, lots of veg and potatoes that I'm not sure what you would call them but are mashed then piped into swirls and baked again in the oven until crispy and a little browned. Anyway they were lovely I kept seeing them and wanted to make them so thought today I would give them a try. Thankfully they turned out nice. 

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