Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Favourites

I feel Like I only just posted my February favourites and now march is already over. Here's what I've been loving this March.

Real Techniques Brushes

I finally got around to getting myself some Real Techniques Brushes. I know they have been around for ages but I really like the brushes I had but I have had them ages and they where in need of replacing. These brushes are so soft and gives a good finish. I use them all the time now and so glad I bought them. 
The brushes I got are:
Multi task brush which I have been using for powder.
Buffing brush I use for my foundation.
Contour brush which I have been using for contouring and blush.
Domed shadow brush I use for highlighting my cheekbones.
Detailer brush I like to use for concealer
Essential foundation brush and pointed foundation brush I have been using when applying cream contour.
I played around with them and this is how I kept using them and how I found they worked best for me. 

P.S. Love Make-up Brush Cleanser

Since I bought new brushes I thought I should get myself a brush cleanser too. I picked this up for €2.50 in penneys and it works great as an everyday cleaner. I do still deep clean them with my brush egg and shampoo but only once a week as apposed to all the time now. I suffer from acne and I'm very fussy about only using clean brushes so that i don't make it worse. It's so easy to use all you have to do is spray it on the brushes then I use kitchen paper to clean them. 

Britney Spears Ionic Hair Brush

I got this as part of my Christmas present from my sister and have used it a lot since then but over the last month I have started to use it all the time. It works with batterys. All I do is turn it on and brush my hair and it gets rid of all the frizz and static in my hair. I was a little skeptical to it at first thinking will it really get rid of frizz but it does work and leaves my hair silky and soft looking. I don't even use my straighteners as much any more as I have found that just blowdrying my hair and brushing it with this brush gives it a really nice finish. I wish I had this when my hair was longer and really frizzy and I practically fried it with a straightener daily.  

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