Monday, 14 September 2015

Dublin Fashion Festival

Over this last weekend I attended an event for the Dublin Fashion Festival at the Royal Hibernian Way. I won two tickets to a chosen event in the festival from naked juice twitter page. My sister Clodagh was really excited when she heard and asked if she could come with me so of course I said yes. It was a great night and we had such a laugh. 

It took me forever to find something to wear since I've decided I don't like anything I own and so went shopping of course. This is what I ended up wearing. 


My top I already owned, my boots were from Penney's (Primark) €19, jacket from Tesco €37.50 and I love it so much and my jeans where also from Tesco for €23 and I picked up the short pair by mistake so they look fine with boots but if I wear them with flat shoes my poor ankles might freeze. This is what my sister (left) wore and all came from eBay. She has a great way for finding clothes online and the patients to wait on it all to be shipped. 

Before the show started we hopped on the train then went for a hot chocolate and a browse around the shops which mainly consisted of the Disney shop on Grafton street. We then went for cocktails in the Grafton lounge which where gorgeous and the bar staff are so nice. I haven't been there before but would definitely go again. 

It started to rain just as the show was suppose to be starting so everyone working at it had to run around and try reorganise the runway so it wasn't soaking and was covered. Once it was ready it stopped raining which is typical. Bulmers where there to supply us with lovely cold drinks I had the strawberry and lime which was so sweet and fruity and went down nicely. 

The whole thing went really well and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. My photography skills are not great so my sister took loads for me. These are just some of the outfits of the night. 


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