Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Skin Care Haul ... Sort of.

This haul is a little different then a normal skincare haul because it's only the ingredients for products. As I have mentioned before I have problem skin and have reactions to lots of skin products, because of this I'm very picky about what I use these days and never use anything until I have patch tested it first. I learned the hard way one too many times. I've started to notice what goes into things and what they do and then wondered how I would make my own products so that I would know what's in them and would have less chemicals and more natural ingredients. I had no idea where I would even buy any of it but after some research I found a website that delivered to here so gave it a go and ordered a few bits. 

I bought unrefined Shea butter (450g), Cacoa butter (300g), Jojoba oil (100ml) and Lavender oil (10ml). I love lavender oil I used to add it to some of the moisturisers and body washes that had no scent on them when my skin was really bad to give them less of a these have been recommended by the dermatologist feel. Altogether it cost about €40 and that included shipping too. I plan on making some body butters and I also want to use some coconut oil as well. I'm working on a recipe or two and can't wait to try making some and seeing how it might improve my skin since it's a perfect time of the year to have a good cream as the weather is getting colder and that usually means flare up for me. 

Once I have sorted the recipe and tried it all out I will do a post about it and share it. 

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