Monday, 7 September 2015

Pippa palette for Blank Canvas Cosmetics

I was waiting to get this palette for ages. When I went to get it there was none left so I had to wait for more to go on sale. I did get one eventually and I was like a kid at Christmas opening it. I bought it from cloud10beauty and they had 15% off when I went to get it. I love when that happens. The palette is limited edition and made by Pippa O'Conner and Blank Canvas cosmetics. I always love Pippas make up and I love her style so I couldn't wait to get my hand on this and try it out. 

The packaging as you can see is gorgeous, girly and pink. The mirror on the inside is a great size as well. The palette has six eye shadows, a highlighter, blusher and contour. I want to start by talking about my favourite of all these and its the highlighter! When I first opened it I couldn't help but swatch it on my hand and the pigment is so nice and a little sparkly, even putting it on feels nice. Where I apply highlighter is usually my driest area and highlighter sometimes just looks powdery there but this just made my cheekbones look so good. It's a perfect in between highlighter by not being to much or too little, it's just the right amount. This from a person that up until a few years ago didn't see why anyone wore highlighter oh how that's changed!

The contour suits me well and as it doesn't have that orange colour that can sometimes be in contours and it's matte. The blush is a nice subtle pink which I find very girly and good for the paler toned girls. The eye shadows are just fantastic and I especially love all the names of these, they obviously had thought put into them and my favourite is the shade called TOBY which I have on today blended in the crease. I also love LILY and DODO too and they all go so well together. My sister has also used it and went for the same colours as I did when I first used it and she loves it too but she may buy her own haha.

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