Saturday, 7 November 2015

Latest Bakes

I have been baking a bit over the last few weeks with Halloween it's always fun to make festive treats. I ended baking so many cupcakes but they all found good homes in the end. These ones are vanilla cupcakes uncoloured some of the others where multicoloured sponge and vanilla butter cream.

I love these cupcake boxes. My sister got loads of them a while ago and gave me some for these. I made about 10 boxes of these cupcakes.

These are the toppers that I made for the cupcakes I was only making a few at the beginning but just kept coming up with new ideas so here is the result.

This week I was also making a birthday cake. I made a cake for them a few months ago and they wanted more or less the same but smaller. It's so much chocolate in this cake I wish I could have eaten some myself. It's chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge filling and also chocolate fudge on the outside with chocolate butter cream piped around the top and bottom of the cake. The inside was full of smarties so when it was cut open they would all fall out. I couldn't find a cake board for this cake so had to get one a little bit bigger then but then  had no box to fit it in. I figured it all out in the end but these little things drive me crazy, the baking and decorating I love though. 

I also have a bit of good news with the baking. Not only do I have a half table at a Christmas fair at the end of this month but I also have a full table at an event next week too. Next week's event has a theme so I will be busy this week trying out some ideas which will be so fun. This will be my first stall for cupcakes and I'm very excited about it. I had applied for a table at this event before but they already had a cupcake table and after a mix up had to refund me my money but then yesterday I got a call offering it to me if I was still interested as the original cupcake person pulled out. They even offered me the table for no fee for the little notice and the previous mix up. I'm so delighted and can't wait now.

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