Monday, 16 November 2015

Skin Truth Equalising Mud Mask

I was at the hair and beauty suppliers recently and had a browse around the skin care products. As you may know I'm absolutely obsessed with face masks. I'm pretty sure it had to do with not being able to use them until the last few years that I'm making up for lost time. This mask is for oily /combination skin which is me. There was a few but in the end I thought this would suit me a little better. It cost about €10 when using their trade card, I don't actually have one of those cards as I'm not a hairdresser or beauty therapist but was with someone else that day who does have a card so they could get it for me. 

The mask itself smells really nice which is probably down to the orange blossom and ginger and reminds me of a cleanser that my sister used when she was in college and would practice facials on me  The Tub is pretty big at 225ml and I hardly made a dent on it when I used it. The mask says it is "enriched with dead sea mud to purify complexion by removing impurity's and excess oil whilst extracts of Orange blossom and Ginger promote balance and revitalise skin tone" which all sounds great to me, basically anything that says it will remove impurity's or revitalise skin tone I'm sold on. 

The directions are the usual apply after cleansing, leave for 10 -15 minutes, remove with water and sponge and your done. All sounds great and easy and nothing that takes much effort. I like products like that it usually means I'm more likely to keep up the routine of using it because it can easily be put on while watching the soaps and washed off during the ad break. I'm bad for remembering how long I've had masks on for so I usually do it during soaps so I remember when the ads come on to wash it off. I can't be the only one who does this surely there's someone else that times thing by tv programs lol. 

Anyway back to the mask. I used it as directed and washed it off also as it said to and the results where pretty good. I don't usually blog about products that I don't like because I couldn't be bothered putting the effort into it if I din't like it. For days after using this mask my face felt super soft as if the dry patches had disappeared and the oily parts of my face felt the same as the rest of my face. It was like my skin was all one type and not mix and match of oily and dry like it usually is. My make up has went on so well for those few days and stayed on too no cracking and sliding even when I didn't use a primer. It did make my skin a little clearer but not all the dramatically noticeable but I didn't really are about that when my skin felt so soft and smooth and just healthy looking if that makes sense. 

If anyone has oily or combination skin like I have and is looking for a good mask I would recommend giving this one a go. It can be bought with out a trade card also but for a few more euros. I think it might have been about €15 and I got it in Salon Services. I didn't really know much of this brand before but that's probably because it's a profession brand but they have a huge range of products I didn't know about. After I used the mask I goggled the brand to see what else they did I might even try one of their cleansers. 

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