Friday, 19 April 2013


One of my biggest hobbies is baking. I've always loved baking and think it's just something that runs in my family. A lot of my family bakes, Grandparents, parents, Aunty's, sisters, the lot. Most of what I have learnt over the years have come from my Mam. When I was little she would make wedding cakes. She has always made us birthday cakes and her brown bread gets baked almost daily still. A few years ago my older sister found out she was Celiac, this means she cant have gluten ( wheat, barley, rye....) It was really difficult at the time to find a lot of gluten free foods such as pizza (that didn't fall apart before baking it), Pies, breads, cakes and basically anything. So over the years I've tried out recipes but never completely successful. This is why I started to work out my own. It really thought me lots about different ingredients and measurement and how to create recipes. I don't just bake gluten free I also bake with gluten, but not for my sister. I like to bake for family events and friends. I do get asked from time to time to make certain cakes for different people. Her are some of the cupcakes and cakes that I have made over the last year or two. 



My younger sister also bakes and has even started to make tutorials on You Tube you can find her HERE. She is hoping to start her own baking business in the future.

More information about my cakes and cupcakes can be found on my baking blog called Neads Kolourful Cakes. I have even entered one of my cakes into a competition on facebook to see how to vote for it click HERE. I will also start posting yummy recipes on my blog including Gluten free recipes so keep and eye out if you are interested in trying anything new out. 

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