Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Yummy Green Smoothie

This is my smoothie that I like to have for breakfast I'm trying to be a bit more healthy lately so trying to have it everyday. I would make it all the time until my blender broke a while back but thankfully my Mam and Dad got me a new one for my birthday. I am a bit devastated to think that I've gotten to a stage in my life where a kitchen appliance as a birthday gift is a perfect idea. I was actually delighted to get it haha. It may look strange but it tastes lovely so I've decided to share the recipe. It is really easy to make and makes a lot so if you would only like a taste only use half of what I suggest.

Green Smoothie

1 small cup ( I use a tea cup) Green Tea
Two hand fulls of spinach 
One hand full of strawberries (I use frozen but fresh is also great)
One hand full of pineapple diced
One small banana (I use the kids size or a half of a big one)

Make the green tea as the instructions say and let cool..
Add the spinach and green tea to the blender and mix until smooth and not lumpy.
Add the strawberries and blend again. It may change colour slightly but that's ok.
Now add the pineapple and the banana and blend until it is creamy and smooth. 
Ice can be added to make it really cold but as I use frozen strawberries I don't add any.
Pour it into a nice tall glass and enjoy with a straw.

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