Wednesday, 17 April 2013


What I used

Y.C.C nail enamel 114
Essence colour & go quick drying nail polish 21 Fabuless

I love glittery nails and really love this black and silvery one. I bought it a while ago at a beauty show but have only used it once or twice. I also got it in blue and a similar one in pink which I like to use all the time. I used the Essence nail polish first as a base then applied two coats of the Y.C.C glittery polish. I've used the Y.C.C polish before without using the black underneath and it didn't look as good. The Essence quick drying polish is actually quick drying which is great since I've bought some others before saying they where quick drying but they look forever to dry. I have been wearing it all day and even done the washing up and a bit of food preparation and it still has yet to chip .. this makes me very happy :) .

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