Thursday, 25 June 2015

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Face Mask.

I really do love a good face mask these days and if it helps get rid of blackheads and has tea tree them I'm happy. I love the smell of tea tree. Apart from the pleasant smell ( for me ) the texture is nice as well, its not too thick and is creamy. It spreads on nicely but I did find I needed a bit more then I originally thought I would to cover my whole face or maybe I misjudged the size of my head lol. 

It comes in a 50ml tube, which is great to bring on holidays too and was only €3.35 reduced from €4.79 which is always a nice surprise at the till. The tube is great to squeeze the mask out of.

This mask contains active charcoal which helps remove dirt, sebum and impurities deep in the pores. It also rebalances the oil to leave the skin clean and purified with a silky touch. It also contains tea tree and which I have mentioned already that is antibacterial. There is also witch hazel to help keep skin clear and healthy. 

The directions say to apply an even layer and leave for 15 minutes then rinse it off. Also avoid the delicate eye area. I did as I was told the only thing I do differently is patch test it first before using it as I have so many reaction to things I don't like to take any chances with new products. I recommend doing this if you have dry, sensitive or easily irritated skin, it saves so much hassle in the long run like not walking around with a bright red face for the next couple of days. Spots are hard enough to cover let alone a red puffy face too. My patch test was fine so I went ahead and put on the mask. 

My face mask selfie .

It was slightly tingly when drying but not the oh no my face is burning kind, the oh it must be working kind. When it dried it wasn't to dry and hard that I couldn't move my face altogether I could it was just a little harder and it didn't crumble off if I forgot it was on and laughed. Some parts dried a little lighter then the rest but its probaly down to being slightly thinner in that area. I washed it off with warm water and using a clean dry soft towel patted my skin dry. I looked really closely to see if there was any difference and around my nose and cheek areas which I would have the most blackheads I noticed it was slightly clearer. I know masks don't work miracles first time round so I'll keep it up too see how much clearer it gets. But for now it did make a little difference and my face was really soft and looked it too.

Think this ones a keeper.

Neads xx

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