Monday, 1 June 2015

Glam Glow Supermud

For so long I have been wanting this so bad but the price kept putting me off. This weekend I finally gave in. I went along to the RDS with my Mam and sisters to collect their goodie bags and numbers for the Women s Mini Marathon. While I was their I found the Meaghers Pharmacy stand and they where selling loads of Glam Glow products. I went straight for the supermud of course. I had a little chat with on of the women from Meaghers and she tested a little on my hand and told me to come back in about 20 mins to half an hour to see how I got on. I have reactions to a lot of products so I don't like to buy thing unless I know I can use them so she suggested I try it while I was there. A half an hour later my hand was fine, no burning or redness or any hives ( I get hives from so many things lol) so I headed back over a bought myself my first ever Glam Glow. It is a 34g tub and cost me €42.95 which is cheaper them usual, great timing. It works as sort of a vacuum on the skin to draw out impurity's like blackheads and oils and other things that nobody wants on their face. I suffer from acne and have huge horrible blackheads and pores that are always really big and hard to get rid of so for me that is what I'm always trying to fix or at least help.

Here I am with my super mud face, I know, I know very attractive lol. 

It didn't take me long to try it. I stayed in last night and tried it out. I was so excited and even watched it drying like a little curious weirdo I put on a thin layer with a clean foundation brush like suggested yesterday. I took just under 20 minutes to dry but gave it the full 20 anyway. I definitely showed up my problem areas so now I know where to concentrate on next time and which areas I don't really need all that much on. When I washed it off my skin felt amazing. I knew it should feel great but really this was a lot more soft and healthy looking then I thought it would. Obviously it's not a use once and never have a spot again in your life product although wouldn't that be amazing, so I will be keeping it up as a regular thing and hope to watch my skin get better and better over time.

I always wanted to try it and I knew the price was high but I am happy I did now as someone pointed out I have spent a lot of money over the last while on skin products I didn't think worked and I will try anything to help my skin that doesn't involve taking antibiotics for six months again. I have needed to do that a few times now over the last few years and it never seems like a permanent solution So if your thinking of buying it and your not sure try find a sample of it or maybe even ask someone you know who uses it for a little bit to try.

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