Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pennys Haul

These pajamas are absolutely adorable and only cost €14. As soon as I saw them I had to buy them. I was looking for something cotton and long sleeve as my skin is very sensitive right now and I'm always cold at night so short sleeves are useless to me. I like my pj's  loose so always but a size bigger and I'm not sure if others find this problem but the bottoms are always to short on me. I don't mean just a little I mean a few inch's to short and it makes me feel uncomfortable. These seem to be some of the only one that seem to fit great and they are so soft it's fantastic. The slippers are so cut and comfy that I forgot I was wearing them and not my ugg boots and almost left the house wearing them today opps haha.

Nail Stuff

I can't seem to stop buying thing lately. I am blaming it on upcoming exams and have become a bit obsessed with doing my nails which is sort of because I find it very relaxing and like to sit down in the evening, watch the soaps and paint my nails. I am also very aware that I sound like an old woman. I got the essence decorating kit and nail art Duo stylist in Pennys and the Rimmel nail nurse top and base coat in my local chemist.

Ugg boots

I love ugg boots in the winter. There so comfy and fluffy inside and keep my toes nice and warm. And at just €8 you can't really go wrong. the sole is also rubber sole so no slipping in the rain. I don't understand how people where the flip flopy based uggs, I'm so accident prone its just an accident waiting to happen.

New outfit

This is the outfit that I got all except the gray top which was already mine. The orange jumper was only €5 and is just what I like, a little loose but not too baggy. I like to layer clothes rather then have a big thick jumper, The gray jeans where €10 and are a little stretchy and very soft. All together it was a good little shopping trip although maybe didn't need everything I bought.

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