Friday, 11 October 2013


While I'm supposed to be saving money at the moment I can't help but pick up a few bits here and there especially when its a bargain. This is what I've managed to accumulate in a week. (Must try better at saving).

Batiste Dry shampoo - Seductive & Elegant Lace
Essence eyebrow designer - 02 brown 
Lacura Mosaic Blush - Pink 
Essence all -in-one BB cream - 02 Natural
Kelly Brook Blusher - Bardot 
Kelly Brook nail polish - Regal Riches

I got the Dry shampoo, brow pencil and BB cream in Unicare Pharmacy. I have just run out of BB cream and as I couldn't get to where I had bought it before I thought I'd give the Essence one a go. I'm pretty happy with it, it goes on great and doesn't look like its disappeared halfway trough the day. I wouldn't feel very confident going without make up but have a lot of problems finding a good foundation that suits my skin I definitely prefer BB creams. I also like that it is SPF 30 as I think it's very important to protect your skin.

The brow pencil is actually a little light for me at the moment as I have just had my eyebrows darkened. But does go on nicely and very easy to use I was able to get good shape using this pencil. I normally use powder so it was nice to see the difference.

I love dry shampoo as my skin seems to be oily these days I find that sometimes the front sections of my hair look a little flat during the day when I wear it down. Dry shampoo gives it a little boost and keeps it looking volumised and the smell is gorgeous. I like to buy the little travel sized ones to keep in my bag for days and nights out.

The Kelly Brook Blusher and nail polish I picked up in New Look conveniently placed at the Que for the till! Well played new look well played. The blusher is so cute it comes in an adorable bow imprinted into it and a a little brush and mirror underneath the blusher. I liked this blusher on, I think it gives me a more natural look. I am trying to find a nice day look and I think this fits what I would like. I would normally go for a darker shade like my favourite Beneifit Coralista. The nail polish is a light, almost transparent purple with some sparkle ( I love sparkle). It drys quickly so for people with no patience like me its great.

Last but not least I found this Lacura Mosaic Blush in Aldi and a complete bargain at only 50 cent that I just had to buy and try it out and I'm happy I did as its lovely on. 

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