Friday, 7 August 2015

.... and another Penney's haul

So I went shopping yesterday for what was supposed to be to buy ingredients for a cake but I may have brought a little extra to visit Penney's and I wonder why I'm always broke. Well anyway here is what I bought and yes not just one candle like a normal person I got two because I couldn't decide which one I wanted more.

First of all I re-bought the P.S love make up brush cleaner as it just so handy for cleaning brushes after using them and I am almost out of my other bottle.

Next is the peach and sweet champaign candle which is in a cute jar that was €3. The first thing I noticed was the colour which I love then I opened it an had a little smell and wow it's so nice. It has a really sweet smell to it and is definitely peach, I was never too keen on peach's until I tasted peach ice tea and then became obsessed with it. 

The second candle I bought is the White lily and peony that is in the white jar that only cost €4. I looks lovely and I would never have even considered it because I usually stay clear of anything to do with lily's or I'll spend the next week sneezing. My sister insisted I smell it saying that she thought I'd love it when she saw it the other day, so I did and it smells like fresh washing or that fancy soap that only ever came out for guests lol. This is the type of candle I like to burn when I'm just relaxing on a quite day.

 I also got a new lip pencil in the hopes that it somewhat matches the wet n wild lipstick I bought the other day. I haven't put them together yet but they look pretty similar. It doesn't seem to say what shade it is but it was only €1.50

On my way to the till I spotted the eye cream for only a €1 so I bought it gets me every time. I used later on after taking off my make-up and although it was nice and soaked in well it slightly stung my eye area a little. It's not a like it left it red or anything but just a little stingy. I might use it once more and see if it does it again just so I know and that it wasn't that my skin was too dry or anything.

These colour they just find me every time. I keep looking at these pj bottoms and keep putting them back so today I just gave in and bought them. They where €7 and are so light and soft. I got them in a size bigger then I'd usually get because I suffer with a bad stomach and can swell up from time to time so it's nice to have something lose and not constricting to throw on especially since I sometimes have to wear a size up because of it.  I put them on the next chance i got and they are so comfy the band around them is really light elastic and really nice to wear.

The runners were a complete impulse buy. I have runners already a couple of them actually but these have memory foam and where only €13 so I convinced myself to buy them and see how the memory foam works out. I wore them walking to and from my evening class later that day and they where really bouncy to walk in but a little tight. It's really strange I bought some in Penney's in the same size a while ago and they where a little bit too big so this time I tried on the smaller size and they where so small I couldn't get my foot in them so I went back to my original size which are a little tight. Either my feet are trying to make a fool of me or the sizes are a bit off in there, I'm just hoping they will loosen up a bit if I where them around a bit because I love the colour.

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Neads xx


  1. The candle jars are so on point too for Penny's! I have that eye cream, it's pretty cooling and you can't go wrong for that price! X

    Portugal beach days over on-

    1. Thanks for the comment xx I know there candles are great at the moment. The eye cream stung a little when I first used it but was fine the second and ye the price was great.