Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Review

First of all I love the smell of this, it just smells fresh and makes me want to use it even more. Secondly I love that it's pink.

This is one of the best product that I have bought in a very long time. The first time I used it I knew I would become obsessed with it. There is definitely no going back now.

It's described as "A no nonsense 3 in 1 body scrub" used to prepare skin for cocoa brown tan, remove stubborn old tan and as a fabulous exfoliating body treatment.

I have used this for all three of these. Using tough stuff before I applied my tan helped my tan develop without any bad patches around dry areas. I struggle with this usually which tend to put me off tanning. As I suffer with eczema and keratosis pilaris (bumpy red skin that can be very rough) on my arms and legs I have been let down by a lot of products that just don't work for me. This is definitely not one of those products. I used it on dry skin the first time and then on wet skin every couple of days since. 

I expected good results from the reviews I kept seeing but didn't expect how good the results would actually be, my legs and arms especially have never been so soft. I literally kept telling people to feel how soft my skin was .... Like a weirdo haha.

I used it when my tan was fading to help it as it tends to sick to the insides of my elbows and the back of my knees. Oh and also on my hands and feet. Basically anywhere I tend to have eczema breakouts.

I recommend that anyone who wants supper soft skin and perfect tan should give this ago and the results will speak for themselves. I must pick up a new one to stick in my suitcase to bring with me.

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