Monday, 4 August 2014

What I've been up to lately.

I have mostly been planning my trip or at least trying to. I have also been packing up my room slowly as I keep getting distracted by things I forgot about for getting bored. Obviously I packed the important stuff first haha.

The week end before last it was my parents 30th wedding anniversary so we had a family dinner which I cooked and got a lovely black forest gatau for after. It had to be black forest as that was what they had at their wedding. Unfortunately my dad was called to work that weekend so they had to cancel their party, this is why we had a family dinner instead.

I went to the Bray air show that weekend too. It was a great day even if I came home burnt to a crisp. I was wearing factor 30 but unfortunate wasn't high enough for the sun that day. I burn so easily. I went with my Mam, Sister and Two of my little cousins who had a great time on the amusements. My younger sister was there aswell with her boyfriend and his brother so was a big day out. We found them on the carousel having a great time haha.

I had family in Ireland form Australia over the last month or so and they where leaving to go home so went to see them on their last night.

This was my outfit I wore. A cream dress I have had so years and still love it's lovely for the weather we are having. Cream shoes with flowers on them , flats of course I can't wear heels for a while since hurting my leg. Last but not least My coral bag I got on ebay a few months ago for a bout €9 I think. I also wore a necklace my sister made me.

My make up I tried to keep simple but of course couldn't resist using my contour palette.  I wore pink blush and a gold smokey eye. My lipstick and lipgloss where a light glittery pink. 
My hair was easy to do and love doing it this way. I twist the hair along the hairline on the top and around the back and them plait at the side. so simple and looks summery. I also find that doing this before my hair is completely dry helps to keep it in shape longer.

As one of my Aunty's will be away on holidays when I'm leaving she came down for a few good bye drinks last during the week and surprised me with these lovely balloons. I love the batman one it's huge. We had a great night. Another Aunty popped down aswell and my Mams friend also came down so ended up being a great night in with a lot of laughing.

I was making cupcakes this week for a Hens party. My sister's friend is getting married soon and asked if I would make her cupcakes for the hens party. This is what I made. The cupcakes are vanilla sponge with chocolate buttercream. They are decorated with fondant roses, wedding rings, L plates in pink and white and some purple stencilling. The yellow flowers are the colours her wedding flowers are going to be. 

Last but not least I finally went to see the Fault in our Stars movie. I have been wanting to see it but hadn't gotten around to it yet. I love going to the cinema and love cinema popcorn. The movie was great and having read the book I couldn't help compare them but actually wasn't that far off like other books that get made into movies.

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