Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Look What I bought.

Today I finally got around to getting myself a new laptop. I have had none since last summer when my last one broke and this time there was no repairing it. I had it 6 years and had taken quite a few knocks so it was it's time really. I didn't mind at first not having one as I was going to travel for a bit so my sister bought me a tablet as a present and it was perfect for that. But now that I'm home and am sick of borrowing other peoples laptops I decided to get one. I actually wanted to get one ages ago but just couldn't make up my mind. Then I saw this Chromebook while looking them up online and it sounded perfect. I have heard about them before but didn't know all that much.

This is the one I choose. It's a HP Chromebook 14. It was only €270, nice and light and is 14 inches. It has 2GB ram which is fine for me and 16GB hardrive which also is fine as it uses google drive for storage and I am getting myself an external hard drive anyway. My last laptop I stored feck all on as after a while it will only slow everything down. I have never used Chrome OS before now but its so simple to use. It's a bit like linix so I'm happy. Other then that its exactly what I wanted and best of all so pretty. Its white and blue a particular shade of blue that I love. 

Hopefully from now on I will have lots more blog posts now that I don't have to wait for someone to not be using their laptops lol. I have been finding that part a little difficult so now I can finally get on with blogging all I want. 


  1. seems like you got a great deal there! It is really nice x

    1. Thanks for the comment Hollie :) x I'm so happy with it and was so excited when I opened the box and saw the colour lol like a child at Christmas lol