Sunday, 3 May 2015

What I found on ebay

OK so I think at this stage everyone knows how addictive eBay can be right? You know you go on for a little look or to look for one new make up brush and a hour later you have found about an million new things that you now have to have and can no longer live with out being yours. Well at least I hope others are like this too or maybe I need to rethink my life lol. Well this is what happened to me I went on eBay (why did my tablet come with the eBay app 😕) to look for a new powder brush as my old one has seen better days and I thought I would get a cheap one to do me for now. That's what the plan was but then I saw all these lovely pink brushes and start to think well a lot my brushes have seen better days and they look good and they don't cost that much. Oh and then I saw the lip plumping suction tools or whatever they are called. I keep seeing these and am dying to give them a go even if its just for a bit of fun. I've seen a few posts and videos about them and they all say there about €20 or so but these where €8/8.50 for all three sizes. Crazy so I couldn't close the page I had to buy them. The other brushes where all very well priced too. Actually this whole lot only cost €25 at the most including potage. The only downside is the waiting for them to come so I can play with it all 🙌. I will of course do a proper post about them all when they arrive which should be fun trying out the lip plumper things lol. But for now I thought I would share my fantastic finds.

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