Friday, 1 May 2015

W7 Camera Ready Face Primer

I found this a in my local chemist that now seems to be selling W7. Which is great there is so much I want to try. I saw loads of new things I wanted to try but since this was the only one left of this I grabbed it lol. I didn't want to miss out on it or anything. 

Anyway more about what I thought about it. It looks and feels very like other primers I have bought for a lot more then €5. It has that lovely silky feel that I love about primers. When I put it on to my oily and porey areas it gave it a very smooth silky feel to it. My main areas for this are my nose, chin and cheeks. After about an hour or so make up in these areas usually just slide off. I'm always on the look out for new primers to keep it in place and to help with applying foundation as well as help with the look of my skin too. My make up stayed in place for a good while with this and I even used it knowing I would be going to the gym and still stayed in place. I know going to the gym with make up on is a little crazy but I don't go crazy full make up or anything, usually just a bit of primer mixed with a light foundation to help with my patchy skin. This was another thing I wanted to write about. I mixed it with a little bit of light foundation for days that I don't need a lot of makeup and some primers are crap for this they just don't sit well but this is a great one. 

I have a few more W7 product that I will get around to reviewing soon hopefully. It's a little hard to keep up with a blog when I don't have a laptop anymore 😢.

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